Quincy - Highland Trail, Utah

I have had people ask me before if I enjoy taking pictures of 1-year-olds.  In response to that question I would ask, "Have you ever taken pictures with a 1-year-old as adorable as this?"

My little niece Quincy is such a fun baby to be around.  In December when she came to stay with us, I remember sitting on the ground in the kitchen one day cleaning up a mess, and Quincy waddled up to me (she was just barely walking at that point) and she gave me the cutest little baby hug I have ever received. She is fun, smart, and energetic. She can already sign most of what she wants to say, and since she came from the same genetics from my husbands family, she's bound to be a genius.

We did this photoshoot on the Highland Trail in Highland Utah.  I must forewarn you though, if pictures of little girls hugging dolls are what make you extremely happy, get ready for a heart full of joy.





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My name is Jenessa. I am a full-time graphic designer, with a photography business on the side living in Utah County. As a photographer, I have experience doing:

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