Miles Family Reunion 2015

Just looking at these pictures make me ache to go back to California, and my uncle's beautiful home in Discovery Bay. Every night I would sit out on the patio overlooking the bay, and watch the sunset. And it was absolutely breathtaking every time.

This is the progress of a perfect day in the life of Jenessa:

Wake up to a beautiful sunrise:

Spend time with family doing fun things:

Give my husband all the love he deserves:

And relax by a gas fire (because it doesn't make my clothes stink) on a warm summer night without mosquitoes:

It seriously doesn't get better than all of that. Man, I miss California!

Ironically, the next set of pictures was a bit more of a challenging day...

We drove to Batter Spencer to see the Golden Gate Bridge, but unfortunately, Karl the fog decided to make an appearance, and hide the bridge from our vantage point.

Luckily, this bird was nice enough to pose for me since the Golden Gate Bridge was nowhere to be seen:

Some of us got lost, so we decided to meet up at the Fort. It turned out to be good fortune considering we could actually see the bridge from there!

Here is my awesome family. I designed the shirts for the family reunion using my pen skills.

I love William's face in this picture so much, "what are you doing guys?"

I have one hott mama!

Here's my brother Kent, demonstrating how to take a family picture single-style:

Waiting for the trolley in downtown San Francisco:

It was worth riding the trolley just to see how excited William was about riding "Thomas" - this kid lives, eats, and breathes trains!

I love visiting the antique arcade on the Pier every time I visit San Francisco!  It you haven't seen the opium den, then you need to go.

Lily had to miss her final dance recital, so she and I went out and did a photoshoot of her in her dance outfits.

Seriously though, can I go back? Please??


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