Vegas, Baby!

Get ready for a super random compilation of photos!  We took a trip down to Vegas a couple of weeks ago, and after having taken a month off from shooting photos I was more than ready to capture beautiful things with my camera again. Daily creativity has almost become an addiction for me. People who train for marathons know what I'm talking about...if you stop running for more than a few days your legs become achy and they need to be stretched. That's how creativity is for me.

Our trip to Vegas was completely unplanned. We decided the day before that we would drive down to visit my husband's best friend Erik, his wife Jessica, and their happy baby boy after much begging from me to get out of town. It was the perfect trip, and I'm so glad we went!

The first day in Vegas, we took a trip to Red Rock canyon, and took a hike up Ice Canyon. The rocks there were absolutely amazing, and the canyon was the perfect temperature on that 80 degree day.

I swear, this sweet baby never stops smiling!  My cheeks started to ache after two days with him, I just have this insane need to smile at babies all the time so I can see their faces light up.

Andrew felt the need to climb on everything, I think it's a guy thing. When he gets around his best friend they seem to be in constant competition to show off how cool they are.

I just love this little family! I'm grateful to have them in our lives. We are really lucky to have friends like them - I knew Jessica before either of us even started dating our husbands. I remember sitting in the car with her one day and I asked her if she was dating anybody. She said that she had just been asked out by Erik. I told her that I had just been asked out by his best friend that week too!  The rest is history.

Valentines Day was fun and simple - just the way I like it! We went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in the Lake Las Vegas area. It was a beautiful place built within the last 7 years or so, but it has almost become a modern ghost town. The developers put billions of dollars into the place, but it just didn't create enough revenue, so most of the buildings have been abandoned. It was strange to see such a new place seem so creepy.

The day we left we took a trip to the strip for a little stroll. We stopped by the Coke store, the M&M store, and the Hershey's store. I think the highlights were the Coke bar where you can sample different Coke products from around the world, and the bakery in the Hershey's store. The rest of it seemed a little like tourist junk to me. I can go buy the same M&M's at the grocery store for less!

For lunch we wandered around the New York, New York casino and found a delicious burger place inside. If you're looking for a place to eat on the strip, I would really recommend that one!

In the words of the King, thank you, thank you very much for reading.


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