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I am so excited to show off my recent craft project.  I work for the craft company Imaginisce, and for our upcoming CHA show I asked my boss if he would like me to come up with a project for it.  I decided to use our roly rosies to create a fun paper flower wreath!  And I am in love.

Here's how to make it:

Your ingredients can all be found at Michaels or your closest craft store.  Look for the Imaginisce Roly Rosies.  They come about 20 in a package and there is a wide variety of flower shapes to choose from.  Here are a few that we have:

These are some of the paper roly rosies options.  You can see all the ones that we have on our website at www.imaginisce.com under the "gotta buy basics" section.

These are some of the fabric roly rosies options.  It's awesome because you can make a paper or fabric flower wreath. Take your pick!

The other things you will need that are super important are:
 The Hybrid Petal Roller. This is awesome because you can use it to twirl the fabric and paper petals.  And use the rounded side to curl them.  Any of you who have ever made paper flowers know how much of a headache it can be.  So buy this! It will save your life.

Get a foam wreath - pick your size.  I don't know what size I got, I just know it was the biggest one and cost me $9.99 at michaels.

Don't forget a hot glue gun!  The ones especially made for foam are the best. If your glue gun gets too hot it will take forever to put the flowers on because you have to hold each one down as it dries.  So the less hot your glue gun is, the better.

And those are your supplies!  Keep in mind, this craft will take you a long time, and it isn't the cheapest, but it is probably the most adorable one that you could ever make!  Get some friends involved to help twirl and glue while you watch a movie or something, and it will be done in no time.

Here's a little bit of the process to make it.  It's super easy honestly, you don't even really need instructions.

1. twirl flowers using the paper petal roller (there are awesome instructions on the packaging)
2. Glue down on wreath
3. Glue a lot

The end.  And after you've repeated this process for hours on end, here's your beautiful final project!

I feel really awesome right now. Thanks for reading!





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