DIY Imaginisce brad punch hanging flower topiary

I know you're just dying right now to know how to make this vintage hanging flower topiary! Good thing I'm here to give you the quick how-to.

Just a quick background of this project - At Imaginisce, we've discovered that there are so many more uses to our tools than people have thought of, so i've taken it upon myself to figure out new and fun ways to "repurpose" your Imaginisce tools.

Supplies for this project include:

1. Two coordinating colors of cardstock. (I used about 5 sheets of 12x12 for the large punch, and 3-4 for the smaller one)
2. A 6 inch styrofoam sphere.
3. 150 pearl-top pins.
4. A 28mm and 16mm Imaginisce brad punch.
5. Vintage distress stamp pad and (optional) an imaginisce d-stress tool.
6. Tape
7. Ribbon

 First, use your brad punches to cut out both of your flower sizes.

 Then using your stamp pad and/or d-stress tool, antique the edges of the cut out pieces.

 Cut a slit to the middle of each cut out, and fold them front to back accordion style.

 Tape the edges together on the back, and layer your flowers together.
Pin your flowers all around the ball using the pearl pins, add a ribbon, and hang in your favorite spot!

Feel free to comment with any questions! More DIY brad punch projects coming soon.


  1. Thank you so much Jodi! You're so sweet to say that. :)

  2. didnt know that punch could do so much!





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